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Why Should We Share What We Learn? The Power of Authenticity and Sharing in Personal Journeys

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Why Should We Share What We Learn? The Power of Authenticity and Sharing in Personal Journeys

Key Points of the Content

  1. 1.
    Overcoming Mental Clutter Through Sharing: Increase your personal awareness by sharing your work and consolidating complex thoughts in your mind.
  2. 2.
    Being Aware of Your Worth: You are valuable, aren't you? But who knows that? Express your worth and share your knowledge.
  3. 3.
    Connecting with Those on a Similar Path: By sharing your journey, you increase the chance of encountering others on a similar path.
  4. 4.
    The Power of Authenticity: The benefits of sharing your true self as the natural filter of authenticity.
  5. 5.
    Concerns and Solutions in the Journey: My concerns during this process and ways to overcome them.

Sharing your work enhances your personal awareness

  • This provides an "intellectual pleasure" and helps you better understand your place in life.
  • If you don't share your knowledge and thoughts, you won't understand where you stand in life, how good or bad you are.
  • All adjectives are subjective and happen through encounters; you should share what you know and provide opportunities for comparison.
  • The unknown contributes nothing to value. A gem whose meaning you don't understand is just a stone.
  • People will recognize your position and offer you suitable opportunities.
  • You will realize your position, what you misunderstand, where you are lacking, and where you excel.

Everything around us is designed by humans. These people might not be more knowledgeable or successful than you. Perhaps you don't need as much knowledge as you think to reach your perceived goals.

  • Over-thinkers often believe they lack the knowledge to start. They overlook the possibility of lacking motivation to take action.
  • After some preliminary knowledge, you need to be on the field to improve.
  • You can't fully learn to ride a bicycle from a book.

You are valuable, right? But who knows that?

  • Protecting your limited resource, time, without respect from others is challenging.
  • If you're romantic, you might say, "no one needs to know my value." But stay grounded and approach things rationally.
  • People who impact your life most should recognize your value.
  • Making your worth known opens doors to unexpected offers.
  • Declare your value so people share opportunities or situations beneficial to you.
  • Express your knowledge so when people have problems solvable by your expertise, they'll know to contact you.
  • If you don't express your value and knowledge, people might undervalue and disrespect you.

Sharing your journey increases the chance of encountering those on a similar path

  • Learning can be isolating, so share while you learn to meet peers, which might be hard to find later.
  • We meet new people by sharing knowledge with friends or acquaintances. Sharing online creates lasting value, reaching people even when you sleep. If content interests someone, they might contact you unexpectedly.
  • You expand your target audience from a small neighborhood to the world, inviting serendipity.
  • You're more likely to emotionally connect with peers on your journey. You can share similar topics and connect easily. Online content might even help you find close friends or partners.
  • It also offers a glimmer of hope against feelings of loneliness.

"The downside of high success is that you forget how you started." Do you really need it? Maybe not for you. Learn from the past but don't dwell on the details.

  • People will ask questions like how you started or how you did it. Constantly answering these is tiring.
  • Record and share how you progress. You can say, "My entire journey is documented; you can check it out."
  • Remember, time is limited and irreplaceable, so always protect it.

You're more likely to connect with those watching you grow and develop.

  • Consider it like watching a child grow in your hands.
  • Exposing your effort increases respect and the chance to touch lives.
  • If you're religious, consider why prophets were ordinary people. It's another way to enhance connections.

The Natural Filter of Authenticity: The Power of Sharing the Real You

In your posts, instead of adopting a different personality to attract attention, stay true to who you are and the progress you're making.

  • This is actually a natural and ethical filtration.
  • By being transparent, only those who value you will engage and reach out.
  • Those who don't recognize your worth won't make an effort, ensuring they won't waste your time, focus, or values.

Talk about your progress and journey

  • Share what you care about and are passionate about.
  • Don't learn or write just to share; share what you are already learning and writing, and what you find useful.

Don't waste time sharing past actions.

  • As they say in the stock market, don't chase missed opportunities; there's always another one.
  • You'll always learn new things, so let go of the past.
  • Sharing new learnings will motivate you more than revisiting old ones.

Even if there's already a lot of content on what you write or are interested in, keep doing it.

  • Your main priority isn't to produce better but to possess better knowledge, to be a better you.
  • The primary purpose of writing is to materialize and visualize your thoughts.
  • To share a topic, you need to master it and know the details. By putting yourself in the sharing process, you actually enhance your awareness, effectively self-improving.
  • Sharing is about consolidating and conveying what you already have.

My Concerns in This Process and Ways to Overcome Them

Loss of Focus and Frequently Asked Questions: I'm curious, and solving problems excites me, leading to a loss of focus.

  • Write content that answers frequently asked questions, then direct inquirers there.
  • We're in the AI era; you can teach AI your knowledge to answer questions based on your info.
  • Instead of stopping sharing, learn to focus. Read related content, and even share what you learn. Instead of wishing it were easier, wish you were stronger.

Receiving Questions on Resolved Issues: Getting questions on topics I've already addressed or completed wastes my focus and time.

  • The solution is directing people to our existing content.
  • Instead of recreating content and potentially losing value, guide people to what you've already produced.

Fear of Changing My Opinions: What if my views on what I write change, and I no longer agree with my past writings?

  • This is normal; we're human and learn new things daily. The likelihood of being wrong is high.
  • Our writings express our thoughts at that moment. If our views change, we express our new ideas another day and cite our old ones.
  • Constantly trying to correct past writings can diminish my motivation, so it's essential to document our progress. People who observe the process will also notice the changes in our ideas.

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